About us

Raw food supports life and teaches how to live your life. Changing your diet to raw food isn’t about resignation, it is about getting to know a whole new world, discovering new flavours and new meals. After consuming only a few bites or sips of raw food some unexplainable calm feeling will go through your veins, maybe you don’t know, but you suspect that your cells are grateful for the care.

  • The queen of raw food, the sprout is full of life and full of power, it is the cornerstone of life because of its millions of years past.
  • The raw cookies and raw crackers have the true favour of the fruits, which is very surprising for everybody who first tastes them. Beauty and harmony of flavours are very important for us while we prepare them.
  • The green smoothie is a whole food, it is the tastiest meal. If you try it, you will be surprised how tasty it is although it’s green.

Each colour, taste, form has its vibration, to which feelings, emotions and thoughts are associated.


The 3 influences on our days


We carefully grow and pick the ingredients of the raw food we produce, we use constant recipes, and we make everything with consideration from the heart to you and to us as well. Because of the beauty, taste, and harmony of colours you will get a real gastro orgasmic experience.

Pure values

Our core value is our intrinsic motivation, the inner „voice”, which always helps us through the current mission. We have that firmly in us. Our actions what we do for ourselves and for others are filled with joy and gratefulness. Softly, effortlessly, without violence, with elegance and beauty.


Each of our movements, thoughts are filled with naturalness. It means a lot to us: harmony with nature, taking care of humans, animals and plants, simplicity, perseverance, deep connection with ourselves and the world.

There is something else what our food and the whole producing process represents. It is the harmony and beauty offered for us by the raw materials of the nature, to fulfil ourselves in joy with them and by them.


This is what NaTuri means: raw, life-giving nutrition with happiness and freedom.