NaTuri is a family owned chemical-free craft producer of premium quality raw food. We first heard about this new nutrition form in 2008. We have made a huge progress since then, after lots of learning we became experts in the characteristics of sprouts, wheatgrass and green leaves, and we have become definite about its effectiveness. Our previously named products Csírák are now called NaTuri, this name reflects on our surname and also on our mission. Nature, plants, and animals are still important to us, we love and respect them, even as urban people we believe that we can take care of ourselves, of each other and of the world.


Most of our ingredients we grow ourselves in our gardens located in different areas. The love of gardens and lands is our grandparents legacy, and we are constantly experimenting and training ourselves to get to know all the old and the new technologies (for example: biodynamic farming), permaculture, the edible wild and furrow weeds.) We have experienced that there are patterns in the nature. Sometimes it seems chaotic if you are only looking at the surface, but the continuous transformation and change follows some sort of rhythm. We live our life in this harmony as well, and it builds into the plants we grow and into the food we produce.

Harmony of beauty and flavours

We are continuously improving our recipes and our goal is to produce our raw crackers and pastries using the finest ingredients, flavours and colours which are in harmony with each other. Making food is a creative process and as a result miracles are born. Harmony and beauty, in complete balance.

Reliable quality

It is very important to us to provide consistent premium quality.
Most of our fruits and vegetables our grown in our garden where we do chemical-free farming. The wheat seeds and the seeds to grow the spouts are from bio farms, with preference of the local ones.
Our raw cracker products (raw bread, crackers, savoury crisps) are dried gently, using our own recipes preparing them, and they are formed by hand. Our raw cakes and pastries are made with fruits and seeds from our garden, all vegan, gluten-, milk-, egg- and sugar-free.

Our team

Besides the parents Glória and Laci, the second generation of the family is also involved in the business. Szabolcs helps us to develop sales and marketing, you can meet him mostly in Budapest. Tamás is taking part of the work in Pécs, he delivers our products most of the time. Timi is a stalwart member of our German delegation. We are continuously planning to grow our family business keeping the craft production for the best products.

Do it for your health!
Let dining become delightful!