„Élőkék” – Raw cakes

There are desserts, which can be consumed by anyone, without gaining weight! The secret is in the ingredients and in good thinking. The premium quality, hand manufactured „cookies” and „cakes” made by us only contain natural ingredients, in a raw form, and they are not only beautiful, but they are also full of life. According to our customers they have a pure, fruity taste. Because they are made out of real fruit! You can eat them, even if you are on gluten-, lactose-, or sugar free diet.

The best part of the meal is usually the dessert. We are carving for sweet taste, and often we feel guilt while eating a piece of cake, because we think it’s fattening. We have good news. Sweets are not necessary unhealthy. We can choose our dessert well and instead of thinking we are eating something unhealthy, we can be grateful about nourishing our body. It is that simple!

Premium quality requires excellent ingredients. For „Élőkék” we are using self-grown, tasty, aromatic, ripe and seasonal fruits from our garden. We are only concentrating raw fruits (usually we use psyllium husk, which is thanks to its fibre content cleans and helps our digestive system), and we also make sure, that our fruits keep their original taste and their original nature. We don’t use any flavour enhancers, nor added sugar. We don’t use anything what changes the consistency, the sweetness or sourness of the fruit is giving its character.

The base of most of our „cookies” and „cakes” is the mixture of two types of linseed, we are mixing that with desiccated coconut and with low glycemic index date mash to help the digestion. For our „chocolaty” desserts obviously we aren’t using industrial chocolate, we are making our soft melting cream out of date, avocado or banana and premium quality cocoa, coconut oil and a bit of secret chocolate spice.

Consuming food begins with the vision. We usually say that we don’t produce, we „create pastries”. Beauty, harmony, the fineness of the details are very important to us, the creations we make with our own hands supposed to feed the soul as well, besides nourishing the body. We often discover new tastes and combinations of flavours, we introduce these to you, but we also think of those who prefer the usual flavours, so we also have a constant supply.

You can almost always consume raw food, it is your choice if you prefer to eat sweets before the main meal, or if you want to have your desert as a cherry on the top of your meal, maybe you prefer to eat it in-between. There is no specific order, you should discover what you like and when you like it. Your mealtime should be a big event, when you are filled with joy about eating something tasty and healthy. For this experience we are giving you our raw food „Élőkék”.