Pressed juices and green smoothies

First it is important to make clear: the juices made with juicers and the green smoothies are not the same.

They are both healthy, but they have a different effect on our body.

The pressed juices are not made with a blender, they are made with slow speed juicers or with a specific press (for example: wheatgrass juice). This juice is free from fruity bits, but it contains all the nutrients and it absorbs easily. You can also consume it on an everyday basis as a cure/course, because it can have a serious effect.

Wheatgrass juice is freshly pressed and it’s often called „green blood”.

Smoothie is a tasty, thick drink, it contains almost all parts of its ingredients (except the core), so it includes the fruity bits and the juice as well. It is rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to digest and it can be eaten as a main meal.

If you are on a mixed diet you are recommended to drink a smoothie as a prevention every day.

They both play an essential part of vegetarian, raw or vegan diet.

Green smoothie

What does green smoothie taste like? We often get this question, and the answer is pretty simple: it’s always different. The taste depends on the ingredients. If you choose neutral flavoured green leaves, for example: spinach, spinach-beet, purslane or sorrel, you are going to taste the flavour of the additional fruits like: apple, orange, lemon, banana, peach, plum, depending on which fruit you have put in your smoothie the most.

If you use more aromatic greens like celery leaf, parsley, mustard leaf, etc., then blending makes the juice’s taste ever more intense, so you should pay attention to the measures. Taste the juice more often while preparing it, to avoid disappointment.


Preparing it is very simple: first we put in 2-3 dl water and the green leaves to the blender, then the fruits.

Why is the green smoothie effective?

It is very nourishing.

It’s rich in fibre and you don’t even have to chew, the blender is doing the „job” for you to make digestion and absorbent easier.

You are going to feel it working after consuming it for a few weeks.

  • hunger pangs may go away.
  • you will need less sleep time and you will have better goodnight sleep.
  • you will have more energy.
  • you will have more perfect selection.
  • your nails, hair and skin will become nicer.

Those who tasted our drinks said that we almost produce our green juices and smoothies on an artistic level. We always use seasonal, fresh ingredients – most of them we grow in our garden, so we can pour the juiciest and healthiest drinks in your cup.