Raw dried breads, savoury snacks

If you don’t get the chance to prepare your raw food freshly before consuming it, maybe it needs to be „supplemented”, or you might want to change your eating habits. In this case a dried raw bread, a cracker or a savoury snack can be a good solution. They contain the same amount of live content as the freshly prepared raw meals. They are suitable for everybody who is on a diet, as they are gluten-, lactose-, and sugar free.

  • These products can be eaten in the car during a long drive.
  • They can be stored in a female handbag as a snack.
  • Children can take these products with them to school or to a trip, as they are small and super healthy.


If you like to munch, these products are perfect for you. We designed the portions and the packaging to be easy to carry these snacks with you anywhere.

Our crispy, tasty buckwheat balls are made out of sprouted then dried buckwheat, with date mash, walnuts and almonds, using different seasonings. Carrot muffin is very popular, it has a similar taste to buckwheat, which is also sweetish and spicy.
If you like fresh tastes, you will love our apple biscuits with its lemon flavour. Ginger biscuits are a bit more sour, if you like characteristic tastes, then it’s going to be your favourite.
The carrot snack, the cabbage cracker and the different flavoured sticks will be an unforgettable flavour experience for you if you like savoury snacks.
You don’t have to give up munching if you’re on a raw food diet, only you have to swap your snack to a healthier option.

Raw bread

Our raw breads don’t include wheat nor yeast like the traditional ones. They are made out with the mixture of different sort of linseeds and vegetables and they are seasoned with spices which help the digestion. We are making several versions: veggie ones, red peppery ones, breads with cabbage or with “cheese”. After the dough is ready, we gently dry it for 8-10 hours on 40 degree Celsius to keep the enzymes alive.

  • You can use our bread to make sandwiches
  • You can eat them as a side dish
  • You can make your salad or your soup richer with diced bread
  • You can munch it as a snack

Chewing has a huge roll in digesting, and modern, processed, soft food is not promoting it. Raw bread contains fibre, vitamins and enzymes, so your body gets what it needs. A small portion is enough because it is so nutritious.
All of our raw breads are gluten free, our products are very good quality inside and outside.