What is raw food good for? Why is it good for you too?

  1.     More effective nutrient intake

The plants are recommended to be eaten raw in their original state because that’s how they provide the most nutrient, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, enzymes and many other nutrient which are complementing each other, to form a complete unit. The enzymes – on 40-42 degree Celsius – and the vitamins – above 60°C – decompose during heat-setting treatment, and without these some nutrient don’t utilize, or the human body needs to produce the necessary enzymes from its storage (which leads to the unnatural overload of the pancreas.)

  1.  High solar energy contentThe plants are able to take the solar energy from the sunshine with the help of their green pigment called chlorophyll. (Because of this they are also called „solar-can”.) This signifies their strong so-called bio photon radiation. Out of all nourishments the fresh, ripe, row fruits, nuts and vegetables, berries, leaves, stems, routes and seeds emit the strongest bio photon radiation. The most undamaged stored solar energy can be taken from them in a natural way. The smoothie made out of green leaves is like solar energy fluid.


  1. Easier digesting, better vitality

Enzymes provide good digesting and better metabolism. They provide nutrient (vitamins, trace elements, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, fats and oils) to join with the human body. After heat-setting treatment (above 40-42 degree Celsius) it decomposes, and without these various nutrients won’t utilize, or the human body needs to produce the necessary enzymes from its storage, (which for example leads to the unnatural overload of the pancreas.)


  1. Rehydration

With raw food we can intake loads of water in our body. The reflexes and sensations of a well hydrated body won’t become dull/blunt, the brain won’t miss out, the reactions won’t slow down, the skin and the mouth won’t dry out, there will be no constipation, etc.


  1. Improving your immune system

A well-nourished body becomes ill less often, and it doesn’t have to deal with digestive leucocytosis. It can deal with discovering and liquidating actual pathogens, instead of taking care of undigested nutrient.

  1. Rich in fibre

Dietary fibre is helping the bowel movements. Healthy bowels and intestinal flora means also strong immune system.


  1. Organic salt content

Vegetal nutrition contains organic salt, which can be processed by the human body and can be built in it. Inorganic salt (like sea salt) deposes in the human body, your body will hold significant amount of water (1g table salt, for example holds 120g water). This is the cause of several illness. If you swap to a pure vegetal diet, the inorganic salt and the water they hold will be exhausted from your system; it improves digestion, and normalized blood pressure. Organic salt will be in taken by vegetal nutrition and they will be built in the body by enzymes.

  1. Optimum protein intake

By being on a mixed diet you can intake a multiple amount of the optimum protein intake. The excess protein gets rotten in the bowels these toxins will absorb in the colonic and the body will get flooded by these toxins (self-poisoning). This is the cause of several illnesses. A well assembled vegetable diet provides the right amount of protein for the body, which is optimal considering the amino acid composition as well – so the protein metabolism problems can be eliminated.


  1.  Phytonutrients, which have an anti-inflammatory effect

Several elements of a natural diet (especially fruits, citrus, onions, A and C vitamins have an anti-inflammatory effect. On the other hand mixed diet can increase inflammations.


  1. Phytonutrients, which have a natural antibiotic effect

Each higher-order plant (especially herbs and alliaceous vegetables) contains more or less amount of bacteria killer material and antiviral, but these are only effective if they are consumed raw. They also prevail in spicy plant shoots. They are effecting faster blood clotting, they increase the resistance of the capillary wall, the number of T-lymphocytes rises, so the immunity increases.

  1. Adequate fat- and cholesterol content

Vegetal nutrition contains mostly unsaturated fatty acids, which are helping to the vessel protective cholesterol to develop. It has a beneficial effect on the vascular system, on cardiac function and on blood circulation, it acts against  thrombosis and embolism, and it inhibits infarction. The meat-based diet includes big amount of saturated fatty acid, consuming them leads to increase the cancer-causing cholesterol.


  1. Anti-carcinogen effect

The raw vegetable diet inhibits the formation of cancerous lesions (especially grapes, citrus and alliaceous vegetables). On the other hand meat-based or mixed diets and its metabolite are the main cause of cancer.


  1. Alkalizing effect

Most of the chemical processes taking place in the human body need alkaline environment, it provides the desired conditions for healthy cellular life. Vegetable diet has an alkalizing effect on the human body, while some mixed diets have an acidifying effect. Since most of the bacterial are only able to multiply in a acidifying environment, so this environment is the breeding ground of various pathogens.

Why you should travel with us in the world of raw food?

  1. We are showing you, that this is not only a diet, a nutritional trend, but also we are inviting you on a gastro tour, where loads of adventures are waiting for you. New tastes, colours and well known ingredients and maybe some of them are not known so far by you, new combinations, fast and easy to make procedures, and you will become healthy, beautiful, happy and light. Enjoy life the way it is!
  2. You don’t have to be a chef to prepare nice dishes!
  3. Preparing food is not a required task, it is more like painting for an artist, a show for a dancer, where you can live for your deepest passion, you can improve or you can use your imagination and be creative.
  4. With this you can leave old patterns behind, you are going to become more open-minded and more receptive in other fields of your life.