Our sprouts are varied, we have them in all sorts of different colours, each one of them has different taste, smell, shape and specification. They are fresh, crunchy, they are full of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and full of LIFE. If you taste them once, you will fell in love with them for a lifetime.

The bio sprouts contain 25% more calories than meat, but they are not fattening (they are giving you instant energy, because they are raw), they are not containing fat, cholesterol, hormones, nor antibiotics, they are also 100% digestible.

Many people only miss them, when they are not consuming them. They have different effect on the body so some days we crave for one of them, and another day we crave for a different one, depending on what our body needs that moment.

When to consume them?

It is important to build it into our diet all year around on an everyday basis, because they include a perfect combination of the elements needed for a healthy lifestyle. They provide us important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are necessary for us.

How to consume them?

They are mini vegetables, so consume them the same way as traditional vegetables, only the sprouts have up to several hundred times more active substance content.

  • as a salad by itself
  • in the salad, to make it richer
  • as a stuffing for example in a zucchini
  • as a sandwich topping „like a vegetable”
  • in soups „as a vegetable”
  • for smoothies
  • into other fibre free soups


Is it dangerous to consume sprouts? It might sounds funny, but YES, it’s true, they can be dangerous but only for an ILLNESS, because they very effectively help the body to start the self-healing processes.

How to consume plant shoots?

  • Be sure you use them unprocessed, ergo raw.
  • Each pant shoot has a different effect to predominate, so if they are not consumed in the correct amount, unpleasant consequences can occur (this applies especially for spicy plant shoots).
  • Plant shoots can be given to babies from the age of 8 months, fist mix a small amount of alfalfa sprouts with the vegetable purée, so the baby can get used to it.
  • For pregnant ladies mustard sprouts are very helpful, because its special enzyme helps with the heathy development of the placenta, and it won’t let toxins to get into the baby.
  • Don’t press spicy plant shoot, because they clean very quickly, maybe so quickly that it can be unpleasant!

Ask the NaTuri team about the health recreational effects of the plant shoots and about how much you should consume from them.

The germination process requires focused attention, cleanness, and it has to be a controlled process, because some pathogens can multiply just like during other food production. We grow our plants with great care and with the maximum adherence of the hygiene standards. You can see that with your own eyes if you come and visit us.