The healing nature of wheatgrass was discovered 5000 years ago. They say this green grass was grown on the coast of Nile and the ancient Egyptians called it „the gift of Isis”. Consuming it improved their immune system above average. Researches proved that 5 kg wheatgrass contains as much protein and general nutrient value as 116 kg ordinary vegetable does.

In Hungary the production of wheatgrass started 10-12 years ago, thanks to this, people are starting to get to know this fantastic plant. We highly recommend using it it for a detox course or for regular intake.

Wheatgrass, the magic juice?

The fresh juice of the young wheat is full of life, it is full of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, easy to process protein source and also with lots of chlorophyll, which is the source of energy. It is not only useful because it kills bacteria and bad cells, also it helps for the whole body to get stronger by improving the immune system.

It is important what sort of nourishment we consume, and how our system is processing it. If our meals don’t include easy to digest proteins, fibre, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, or if we are not eating them at the right time, with the right match, in the right amount, then our body will struggle with digestion. If we can’t digest food, it won’t nourish our cells, our tissues and it won’t help with the functioning of our organs, so aging of the body starts and the dying process will begin. We decide on how often we get sick and whether we want to live quality life.

Otto Warburg has won the Nobel award when he discovered that one of the main causes of cancer is the acidification of the human body. Wheatgrass juice, sprouts and raw food contain materials which are helping with the alkalinisation of our body. With their help our organs and cells get enough oxygen and they get suitable charged particles.

Who is recommended to consume wheatgrass juice?

It is recommended to everyone, at any age.

  • if you are suffering in some sort of illness, it can be a part of the healing process.
  • as a treatment of fertility problems or infertility
  • for those who want to reach high energy level
  • if you want to live better quality life
  • if you want your life to be energetic, dynamic, filled with harmony and action

Pressed and fresh – these are the two key words.
Pressing needs a special equipment, we call it wheatgrass press. (With blender you can only create coloured juice). Purchasing one of these and using it is very easy. Contact us if you need help or advise in this matter!

The freshly squeezed juice is very effective; it contains all sort of nourishment for our system. (We are taking it since 2008, and we are very happy and certain with the result.)

The key is pressing fresh, as the wheatgrass juice contains enzymes and chlorophyll and they react fast with various materials from its environment. It should be consumed within 10-15 minutes after pressing.

The recommended daily amount is usually 0,5 – 1 dl. In most cases it is not only recommended to drink it but also to use it as a rectal injection. You can read our guide about the rectal injection on our blog.

The use of wheatgrass as prevention or in case of an already existing illness

The wheatgrass can be and should be used externally or internally. In that way its complex impact is the most effective: on one hand it nourishes the deficiencies, on the other hand it helps to remove the excess. It plays a huge roll in „cleaning out” our system. (It is also able to bring out heavy metal). As a part of the prevention it is recommended to consume wheatgrass two times in a year for 1-3 months as a course.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about how to consume!